Custom Solutions

With our custom solution approach, we are you're ideal partner for supplying you with a tailor-made application. Professional, and project orientated or e-Government solution meeting all your requirements are the results.
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As a leading AVL (automatic vehicle location ) and telematics solution provider, as our quest for answering complex and demanding security concept based on GSM and GPS technology, CProjekt has grown to become a central figure in a network of European company specialized in security and wireless communication.

This partner network enables CProjekt to meet the growing demand for complex security systems.

Regardless the market segment, our flexibility and competence will surely meet your requirement.

Server architecture

From consulting to designing, CProjekt can support you with the development of your complete server infrastructure. While the deployment of hardware and software stays with the designated IT department. The infrastructure can be located either at the customer location or with the IT partner supplying you your IT services. Certainly, we can provide you with contact to one of our local partner near your location.

We can supply you with following know how:

• Server software architecture
  o selecting server hardware and operating system
  o selecting the proper database software

• server hardware architecture
  o server hardware
  o number of processor
  o memory size

• Data hardware
  o Raid type
  o Internal/external hard disk System

• Hosting concept
  o In-house hosting
  o hosting location
  o hosting company selection

Hardware Concept

CProjekt has specialized in fleet management, security related telematics services and Asset management based on GPS and GSM/wireless communication technology. Over the years, our hardware portfolio has grown to meet different challenges based on innovation and performance. Today, CProjekt is capable of creating complex technical project with the help of diverse “out of the box” standard component adapted to each unique project.

Combining different technology, allows us to cover area where GSM technology has a bad coverage or is altogether nonexistent. For this purpose, CProjekt has created its “Hybrid Line” concept.

Following wireless technology is available

• GSM technology

  o CSD (data switch technology) GSM data line when GPRS is not available.
  o GPRS data link
  o SMS (for example as backup to other included technology)

• Satellite technology

In combination with GSM, our hybrid line concept can be and enhanced with diverse satellite modem, allowing covering areas where GSM has no coverage such as.
  o INMARSAT© Satelliten system
  o INMARSAT© GBAN for Internet connectivity (twice GPRS speed)
  o Voice over IP
  o Globalstar™ Satelliten-System
  o VSAT™ High Speed TCP/IP & Internet connection

• W-LAN (Wireless LAN)
  o Integrated in some of our MDT’s models
  o MESH Network concept

• Bluetooth
  o Integrated in some of our MDT's Models
  o Integrated in some of our AVL systems
  o standalone solution

• ZigBee (IEEE automotive wireless network)
  o Integrating different of our AVL system
  o Standalone solution

  o Combine with diverse GSM/GPS AVL system via PEI interface

Infrastructure Concept

The conception and implementation of various major large projects has expanded our know-how far beyond our past experience, the above technologies and this know-how enables us to handle even the most complicated tasks. The infrastructure required to manage a large and complex fleet is far more than just the multiplication of the hardware required to monitor a small fleet. That is, it is not enough to multiply the required hardware for a fleet of 200 vehicles, by five to efficiently manage a fleet of 1000 vehicles. With the experience of CProjekt it is possible to optimize every detail and document all steps of the project in order to achieve the objectives of the project or the customer requirement.

The know-how in the following areas is offered by us:

• Workplace Design (dispatchers)
Depending on the complexity of the solution it should offer sufficient workplace and give the user enough room with the associated required equipment, including the dispatcher desktop PC's.

• Workplace ergonomics
includes the physical design or outsource the work space
  o Number and arrangement of LCD monitors
  o special TFT Mounts (for multiple monitors)
  o Working space design

• Design of the control room

An ergonomic design of the control room plays for the effectiveness of planning a significant role. CProjekt pays attention to the maximum comfort when handling large amounts of information (Telematics data, as well as video monitoring, etc.)

We have developed over years our "network" which can provide you with the following:

• large control room, including technical facilities and planning
  o Table
  o TFT
  o Layout
  o Large screen as a main monitor in the control room

• medium-sized control room (as above)
• multiple interactive control rooms
• Two or more networked control rooms
• Individual Dispatcher workspace

For small to medium dispatcher center for one or more users.

CProjektis the link, which tight together the different technologies with each other. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We offer everything: : From the individual protection of mobile objects or persons to complex, integrated mobile data computing. We use the best applications and systems for security and logistics and merge the functions of these two areas into one complete solution to meet the needs and requirement of our customers. Perhaps we have not yet developed your particular solution, but by choosing CProjekt, you can be sure that the solution we developed together with you will be exactly tailored to your daily requirement.

Custom Solution
Customized, professional, and project-oriented solutions, as well as eGovernment applications.
Custom Solutions

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