Private Solutions

Our private solution system, offers you the possibility to track diverse type of private vehicle such as cars, motorcycle. If required, we also offer service which will enable patient or endangered person to have their own personal digital companion (tracker)

What is GPS?

GSP stands for Global Positioning System. It is based on an orbital satellite system. In order to locate objects, a GPS-receiver as well as at least four satellites are necessary. The receiver needs to be locked to at least three satellites for information on latitude, longitude and altitude. The fourths is needed to determine the exact time which will then calculate into other informations such as speed, trip distance, or distance to destination.

How does GPS work?

Any position of the GPS-receiver is calculated by satellites that circle the earth permanently. The data transmitted by the satellites will be loaded into our positioning system, and forwarded to the GSM-network via short message or GPRS.

Where can GPS be used?

CProjekt offers a wide range of positioning systems for private use. You can safeguard a valuable motorbike or car from being stolen, or monitor people in high-risk situations. Our GPS applications are flexible, reliable, and easy to use. Individual settings allow you to control and observe your vehicles position, a person’s route, or any incident connected to either – such as the activation of your car’s ignition.

Do I need previous knowledge?

Our systems are already installed on the products. Therefore, you don’t need any preliminary knowledge in handling GPS applications. Ready-to-use and easy to handle, our products enable you to secure your property the simple way.

Private Solution
Vehicle location via GPS for automobiles or motorcycles, as well as person-location via GPS.
Private Solution

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